RS507 UCC-EAN Barcodes SPP

When using an RS507 Bluetooth Ring Scanner with in SPP mode (Scan Serial) WireLess TelNet VT or 5250 the default configuration file uses any control character as barcode terminator. Some UCC-EAN barcodes may contain control characters inside as variable field separator (Like 0X1A, 0X1B, 0X1C, 0X1D). These control characters will act as terminator, so the barcode is… read more »

SendHostBel / RS507

There is an option in the Telnet configuration allowing the RS507 scanner to emit “beeps” like that : check out the following document : (FR/PDF) Faire “beeper” la RS507 dans une session TelNet

Sparus EveryWAN

You can download Sparus EveryWAN from these sites : https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/5649-5677/EveryWAN-Remote-Support-4-0-18543.exe.zip Or from this site https://www.freeware.de/download/everywan-remote-support-personal-edition/ Please ONLY install and run the file named “EveryWAN-Remote-Support-PE.exe”   …  

Patch ScanAssoc 1.1.3

Here you can find the last version of ScanAssoc (1.1.3) coming with Wireless TelNet VT and 5250 in version 4.5.9. If you have a older version of WirelessTelNet you can download it and replace the executable directly in your PDA LINK TO DOWNLOAD