WireLess TelNet licensing is performed by a license agreement represented by a license (.pdf) file containing a secret “Registration Code(RC).

This RC identifies the license agreement, and should not be distributed to any third parties.

The license code of WTnVT is (25) and WTn52 is (35).

This RC can allow from 1 to 999 usages of the license.

With the RC it is possible to get the corresponding number of “Activation Keys(AK) that are individually generated for each device that runs the corresponding RC.

Each device is identified by an “Mobile Unit IDentifier(MUID), and once the license was processed (an AK was generated for this MUID) it can not be used in another device.

The AKs are generated “on line” or by e-mail request on our license site.


Manual Licensing

You can use this on line site to manually request a license (AK) for RC and MUID that you have.

(UserId: nomads)

After you get the AK, in the terminal:

  • In the first line, type the RC (17 letters/digits in 4 fields 4+4+6+3)
  • In the second line type the AK (8 digits/letters in one field)
  • Press the [OK] button.

You have a touché keyboard that you can shift with the button [+] at the bottom right corner.