WTn52 Versions READ ME

WireLess TelNet (c) WTnCE52 by SofToGo / HubOne

Version 4.6.2
      .- Delete all 'update' files in the root directory when selecting a profile.
      .- Do not show anymore the read config dialog, only show the splash screen
      .- Implement EBCDIC DBCS processing for ideographic languages (1388 page for Simplified chinese)      

Version 4.6.1
      .- Wired PTL management through RS485 serial port.
      .- Fix delay in BT printing by GoBasic
      .- Fix Push button responses by IR
      .- Improve RTV control by scancodes
      .- ConnectBTEFav utility added
      .- New TrgCheckOnIdle GoBasic Function
      .- Improvements in OnErrorScript function
      .- MK3100 platform added

Version 4.6.0
      .- PTL Push Button action handled
      .- Calculator function to delete last input
      .- Scripts reload key
      .- Capture mode key
      .- Capturing Click event by scripting
      .- TouchKbd management by scripting
      .- new terminator keys +,-,l,d,r,u,b,x,e,< and >
      .- new 5250 keyboard function as VerticalTabUp and VerticalTabDown

Version 4.5.9
      .- GoBasic functions to manage WOD (Weight On Demand) through BT connection
      .- Chinese (SimSung) and Japanese (MSMIncho) VoiXtreme support (V263, V264).
      .- Beeper volume management for Zebra-Motorola platforms trhough scenner configuration section (BeepVolume option).
      .- RunBtAddr support on Honeywell D70E

Version 4.5.8
      .- GoBasic functions to manage new CheapToLight
      .- New grammar "P" for floating point voice inputs.
      .- New RTV function to get screen images for ScreenTracker

Version 4.5.7
      .- New VxSetPostActionMsg functon to allow TTS messages after recognition.
      .- PTL management by 'slots' allowing to group displayers.
      .- New string manipulation GoBasic functions.
      .- New generic "wide" 800x480 platforms supported.
      .- Generic WM installs on 'Program Files' directory
      .- ScanSerial management on swap to other applications

Version 4.5.6
      .- New 'Screen Composer' features to allow drawing alternative screen display 
         through GoBasic scripting.
      .- New features PrnScrprefix and PrnScrSuffix on telent print screen 
      .- Added Honeywell 70E wearable build.

Version 4.5.5
      .- Allow to disable Adaptative Scan on ExtraOptions (MC32N0)
      .- New global scripts ScriptOnConnect, ScriptOnScan, ScriptOnKeyboard
      .- New integrated BT address procedure for RS507
      .- New platforms MC32N0, Dolphin 70E

Version 4.5.4
      .- Option RemoveCtrlChars on scanner section for barcode processing.
      .- New PutToLight protocol support, and consecutive displays functions.
      .- copy *.reg files from profile
      .- new _AutoRunProfile.txt command file exectued when profile is selected
      .- Fix Hundreds grammar on calculator

Version 4.5.3
      .- Support of VoiXtreme V260
      .- Minor fixes on GO-BASIC
      .- Consecutive timeout on scanserial

Version 4.5.2
      .- BlueTooth easy association utility for VXI-BlueParrot headset on WT41N0
      .- Minor fixes

Version 4.5.1
      .- ComSend, TnDisconnect, TnSendKbdScc, TnPrnScr added to GoBasic scripting
      .- Added PTL displays in dialog
      .- Improve scripting on LocalEcho mode
      .- Add power up, keys and scans events on voice log
      .- CalculatorInfo for context information on calculator mode
      .- ExcludedKw on ASR section
      .- New printer options
      .- BtScannerSSI for RS507 as Bluetooth scanner

Version 4.5.0
      .- Allow triggers and GoBasic scripting on no-voice applicaitons
      .- scripting configuraiton centralized on [SCRIPTING] section
      .- New scripting functions for scanner input management and comm port
      .- Datalogic FALCON X3 added
Version 4.4.9
      .- DoIf key in trigger match
      .- Next and last trigger functions in scripting
      .- Added German voice support (GE)
      .- voiXtreme V255 library
Version 4.4.8
      .- New GO BASIC scripting version with log
      .- Added MC2180 terminal
      .- Added LXE Thor terminal
      .- Added Center option on Honeywell imagers
      .- Added Dutch voice support (FL)
      .- PrintKey on printer section
      .- voiXtreme V254 library

Version 4.4.7
      .- Manage TouchKbd show / hide by emulator
      .- Sort profiles at startup
      .- New GO BASIC scripting on voice triggers
      .- Put-To-Light management routines by scripting
      .- Voice state icon (ASR) on command bar
      .- store current program version in registry
      .- keyboard Lock / unlock keystroke, and auto lock on session
      .- keyboard Lock / unlock keystroke on triggers
      .- voiXtreme V253 library

Version 4.4.6
      .- New bluetooth options
      .- voiXtreme V252 library

Version 4.4.5
      .- Implements ProxyServer with protocole V2
      .- voiXtreme V250 library

Version 4.4.0
      .- voiXtreme V224 library
      .-Fix UCC128 on Honeywell 99EX
      .-Voice triggers with expressions and calculator

Version 4.3.9
      .- WriteToRegKey to record on registry the last barcode
      .- voiXtreme V223 library support (new configuration file)
      .- Voice configuration files are on UTF8 format
      .- Added PL and RU languages

Version 4.3.8
      .- voiXtreme V222 library support (new configuration file)
      .- New match operators on triggers
      .- New platform Ptx OMNII CE6

Version 4.3.7
      .- voiXtreme V220 library (ASR on tts available, new configuration file)
      .- Visual microphone calibrate
      .- Fix 5250 CNTFLD fields handling
Version 4.3.6
      .- UserWord connected to Symphony VoiceConsole
      .- voiXtreme V212 library

Version 4.3.5
      .- UserWord access for voice applications

Version 4.3.4
      .- New Voice triggers functions
      .- Teklogix 8515 platform

Version 4.3.3
      .- Voice ASR Calibrate module (AsrCalibrate.txt)
      .- TTS substitution rules (voixtreme.rul)
      .- Casio DT-X7 support

Version 4.3.2
      .- New voice keywords to generate keyboard keys
      .- Interrupt TTS by keyboard action
      .- New CLIPBOARD section allowing to input and paste data in telnet session.
Version 4.3.1
      .- New voice features 
      .- AsrThreshold to control voice level sensitivity
      .- Up to 5 match items. Match type equal, not equal, greater, lesser
      .- Compare two screen areas in Match
      .- Start beep in pause mode
      .- Copy grammars (lcf) with profile
      .- Multiple keyword definition i/e KeywordFn01=January|first|end-of-pallet
      .- Up to 10 custom grammars i/e Grammars=DCF013
      .- Conditional say on previous trigger i/e <=> <!>
      .- Asr recongnition log

Version 4.3.0
      .- New default installation path X:\SofToGo\WireLessTelNet
      .- Allow MUID on SD-Card
      .- New KEYBLOCKING section.      
Version 4.2.6
      .- Option to print screen to printer (PrnScrDo)
      .- Option to allow SIP panel by toolbar menu CBMenuSip
      .- Option to allow RF State by toolbar menu CBMenuRf
      .- Option to Go to application by toolbar menu CBMenuGoTo
      .- Voice confirm digits formatting (ConfirmDigits)
      .- Add BITATEK platform

Version 4.2.5
      .- New ASR libraries support (voiXtreme V150)
      .- Voice Trigger configuration with context help information
      .- Relocate option in BC_EDIT section
      .- Multiple configuration files using \WTn52\Profiles folder

Version 4.2.4
      .- Adding keyboard state on M3Sky WM
      .- New ASR Trigger option 'CheckDo' allowing alternate process on voice inputs

Version 4.2.3
      .- New option to relocate the emulator window in no fullscreen mode (WinPosX and WinPosY).
      .- New option for Motorola devices Reader=X to select internal or RS509 BT-ring scanner (or both!).
      .- Support of WM6.5.3 (TaskBar and MenuBar resized)
      .- New platform MC3190 WM
Version 4.2.2
      .- New section TOUCH_KBD to show a full customized touch-screen keyboard on emulator.
      .- Relicense by [Internet Activation] only.
Version 4.2.1
      .- New EnableOnExit scanner configuration to allow specific state on exit (Intermec).
      .- Ctrl-n processed as Fn-n keys can be on/off by new ControlIsFn parameter.      
      .- Fix one-char fields len Field-exit behaviour.
      .- New LU6.2 WindowCreate subcommand support.
Version 4.2.0
      .- Launch session by keyboard [1] to [4] keys.
      .- Extend KeyMap section to allow extense remapping
      .- New voice and barcode processing by triggers formats (FormatBc)
      .- Allow configuration set in specific folder by command line at startup (CONFIG=)
      .- Suppress the confirmation word locution in ASR
Version 4.1.9
      .- New Indicators and error message management options on TN52_ERROR_MSG section.
      .- ErrPopUp (for errors as pop-ups), ErrText (for errors as text), SmallInd (for reduced size indicators).
      .- New Honeywell 6500, OPTICON H15 and BITATEK IT8000 devices supported.

Version 4.1.8
      .- New scanner management options OnIfReady and OnInFields.
      .- New Intermec Extended commands support (IntermecExCmd) #SF #S0 for scanner management.
      .- New voice options; Match check, Numeric trim, HideScreen and HideColor.
      .- Fix ReplaceChar display. Show control chars in hex on Barcode Test.
      .- Add F8-F10 Honeywell 6500

Version 4.1.7
      .- New options [T52_EMULATION] ShowNonDisp to show 'non display' fields as dots in screen.
      .- New RunMacro option in TN52_LOGIN to launch a keyboard macro at logon time.
      .- New Honeywell D6100 device supported. Map Dolphin P1-P4 keys fo F1-F4.
      .- New AML M7225 device. New RM50 device.
      .- New Format option in ASR voice triggers.
      .- Fix structured fields bug.
Version 4.1.6
      .- New options in [TN52_BARCODES] section. 'PreAction' to perform actions before barcode read,
         'MapBarcodes' to allow split one barcode in specific input fields, 'KbdBarcodes' to generate
         keystrokes by barcode reads.
      .- New platform OPTICON H19 WM supported.

Version 4.1.5
      .- New option to automatically fallback from Proxy to direct connection if no server present,
         by adding '+' suffix to proxy URL or IP address.

Version 4.1.4
      .- New Arguments key in LAUNCHEXE section, allows to pass arguments to lcaunched exe.
         May use variable text from screen {r,c,l}.
         New LXE HX2, Opticon PHL, MobileCompia 2D terminals supported.

Version 4.1.3
      .- New CommandBar menu option to reduce / enlarge the text size: (Tools / Text Size +).
      .- Configuration option to disable this menu by CBMenuTextSize=0.
      .- In [Display Configuration] menu, shows the displayed number of lines/columns using
         the current font and size.
Version 4.1.2
      .- New Voice configuration file for FnKeywords, Pause, Resume, SayOneTime.
      .- New option to say host error messages.
      .- Local language error messages (FR/ES/EN)
      .- New ProxyServer feature to reconnect on XS Tmout.
      .- PrnScr. 'Print Screen' to text file menu option

Version 4.1.1
      .- New MONITORING configuration section.
         Allows to log emulator events in WDp (WireLess Deployer) statistics module.
      .- Fix TN3278E options negotiation.
      .- Starting Delay by command line "\Windows\WnCE52.exe nn"
      .- WT4090 and ICV60 delayed startup.
      .- CodePage IBM1147 added.
      .- Fonction keys by click on [Fx] displayed text (FunctionByTap)

Version 4.1.0
      .- Query option in SCANSERIAL section.
      .- AutoScan option in SCANNER section.
      .- AutoKey in SCANNER section.
      .- ExeKey in LAUNCHEXE section
      .- New Low Battery blinking Message Box
      .- New devices Honeywell HHP9900 WM6 & HHP7600 WM6
      .- New device Intermec CK3 WM6
Version 4.0.9
      .- voiXtreme configuration file for Voice actions TTS ans ASR.
      .- LAUNCHEXE section for exe files or serial input.

Version 4.0.8
      .- Bold attribute map to reverse video available.
      .- Fix 3270 PostScanAction.
Version 4.0.7
      .- For Motorola/Fusion terminals, shows the RF Quality as icon.
      .- Added Intermec CV30_CE5 devices
Version 4.0.6
      .- New Keyboard macro sequences.
         * Section [[KBD_MACRO] to assign hot keys to macro functions.
         * KbdMacro.txt configuration file containing the macro actions.
      .- New auto-discovery wizard for ProxyServer and remote host name translations.
      .- New SIP Panel behaviour for WM5 devices.
Version 4.0.5
      .- CODES_2D replaces PDF_417 section in barcodes. Includes 
         Datamatrix, Maxicode, PDF_417 & AZTEC.
      .- Splash screen to avoid OS access when starting.
      .- Fix 3278-E connecting mode bug.
      .- Fix Device Name bug on 5250
Version 4.0.4
      .- Added RFQuality check working with Symbol / Fusion drivers.
      .- Added GPRS connection (Dialing & hangup).
      .- GENERIC PDA WM5 (including MC35) devices.
      .- New platform JANAM XM60
      .- New platforms Unitech PA600 & PA900

Version 4.0.3
      .- 3270 / 5250 protocol selection.
      .- Proxy Server mode available.
      .- COMKBD section is replaced by SCANSERIAL
      .- New platforms MC-M3Plus, ICV30, ICV60.
      .- New Trace file.
      .- Autosend mode for 3278.
Version 3.6.0:
      .- Allow to show and lock WM5 Taskbar
      .- New TcpAlive Algorithm
      .- MobileCompia M3+ platform
      .- Allow Connection error log file
      .- Allow SIP Panel show/hide by keyboard or Double Tap in screen

Version 3.5.9: 
      .- Auto-connect feature ([TERMINAL] AutoConnect=Yes) allows to connect to ALL 
         the configured sessions ([SESSIONS] Max=4), instead of the first one.
      .- Added PSC-Falcon 4400 CE5 platform.

Version 3.5.8:
      .- New Feature [SCANNER] ConsecutiveTimeout allow to pause scanner reads.

Version 3.5.7:
      .- New Feature USER_SOUNDS
      .- Fix "Katakana shift" Field Type.
Version 3.5.6: 
      .- New platform Symbol WT4090 CE5.
      .- Includes IniEditor V300 (colored default values).

Version 3.5.5: 
      .- Modify ComKbd RestartBtn Behavior. No=No Button, Yes=Restart Button,
         OnOff=On / Off Button.
      .- Add WinFillColor= in [DISPLAYFONT] for filling color in unused parts of the window.

Version 3.5.4: 
      .- Add new feature to restart COMx: port of ComKbd (RestartBtn).
      .- Add new feature for set/unset persistent 
         Bluetooth association in configuration menu ("BT SAVE" / "BT KILL"),
         using the Stone street One BT stack (Symbol terminals CE5 / WM5).
      .- Add AlphaState option to configure various keyboard state to alpha display.
      .- Fix scroll issue.

Version 3.5.3:
      .- Add ATTN and SysReq support. Fix VC5090 keyboard map. Fix HHP9500 keyboard status.

Version 3.5.2: 
      .- Add new feature to configure cursor shape ([TN52_EMULATION] section CursorKbdState).
Version 3.5.1:
      .- Multi-Lingual (EN, FR and ES) configuration file help (new inieditor version).
      .- Add RFWait Options to configure RF availability check before send data. ([TERMINAL] section).
      .- Update VC5090 configuration file.

Version 3.5.0:
      .- Added Platforms: HHP 7900 (Dolphin) and Symbol VC 5090.
      .- Replaced html installation menus with chm menus.
      .- Fix (RA) display command.

Version 3.4.6:
      .- WireLess TelNet now needs one  License per Terminal to work in full mode.

Version 3.4.5:
      .- New options in [TERMINAL] section to enable/disable menu options in the Command Bar.
         CBMenuMainMenu  enables/disables the Main Menu access in the command bar. 
         CBMenuDisconnect enables/disables the Disconnect action in the command bar. 
         A new dialog box is displayed to confirm action this actions.      
      .- Added Barcode Options with documentation on configuration file.

Version 3.4.4: 
      .- Add AutoConnect option in [TERMINAL] section.
Version 3.4.2:
      .- New MC9090 and MC3090 platforms
      .- New CODE_UCC_128 section
Version 3.4.3:
      .- Dialog to change Host Name/IP address for each session.

Version 3.4.1:
      .- Add input dialog for BlueTooth MAC address if 000000000000
      .- Fix keymnap scancodes bug
      .- Fix split barcode bug
      .- Get F6 and F7 keys in WinCE 2003
Version 3.4.0:
      .- New BlueTooth section to map an external BT device to a COMx: port (external scanner)
  TelNet VTxxx
      .- Fix ANSI & HP escape sequence bug. 
      .- Improve "smart" scrolling. 
      .- Upgrade S24 DS HR 11Mb RF drivers V203.

Version 3.3.9:
      .- New WTnXP52, emulator for XPlore tablet (Win XP).
      .- New supported emulated COLOR terminal 5292-2 (TTypePreferred=2).
      .- Allow printing and ComKbd in same port.
Version 3.3.8:
      .- Add TN52_KEYMAP feature to replace data keys by keyboard scan codes. 
      .- Fix PopUps Bug

Version 3.3.7:
      .- New option for clear fields with Field-Exit (ClearFieldByFE=Yes).
      .- Add ReplaceChars feature for EAN128 barcode control code (separator)
Version 3.3.6:
      .- New option for automatic black screen (BLACKSCREEN) when user activity times out.
      .- Fix 5250 windows management bug (Write to display / formatted filed).
Version 3.3.5:
      .- New option for automatic keyboard switch when entering in numeric or alphabetic fields (SetKbdOnNum).
      .- New TaskBar icons : Battery level (text), RF activity (Green/Red) and Keyboard state (if any).
      .- New option to display a message box in low battery condition (BatteryAlert).
      .- Bold font available for MC3000.

Version 3.4: 
      .- New client for CK30
      .- New client for I700
      .- New client for MC50
      .- Virtual Keyboard available for PDT I700

Version 3.3.3:
      .- New option to keep TCP link alive (DoTcpAlive) and/or periodically ping the host (DoPingToHost).
      .- New option for error time-out in X-System state (XSTimeOut).
      .- New option to check (or not) the Mandatory fill fields (DoMandFill).
      .- New WinCE "command bar" toggle by Alt-F10.

Version 3.3.2:
      .- New option  for monochrome displays and color choice (DisplayMono).
      .- New option for no initial menu and auto exit when disconnect (NoMenu).
      .- New client for VRC7900 WinCE 300.
      .- Fix Function keys locks.
      .- New IniEditor version.
      .- New cursor positionning in field by tap option (CursorByTap).
      .- Improved virtual keyboard (SIP Panel) with 20 function keys.

Version 3.3.1:
      .- Blinking cursor with Alpha and Function state (Symbol terminals Only).

Version 3.3.0:
      .- New blinking cursor with normal, shift, caps and control keyboard state.
      .- New option for auto-log in Sign-On AS400 screens.
      .- New option to suppress Ctrl-Esc WinCE Menu.
      .- New option to suppress dragging display by touch screen.

Version 3.1.9:
      .- Inieditor available to help user in ".cfg" configuration files management
      .- New build for MC9000 CE.NET 420

Version 3.1.8:
      .- Suppress the scroll bars in CE5250 emulator 
      .- Loss of start menu windows bar when exiting from emulator fixed
      .- New client for MC3000 

Version: 3.1.6:
      .- New client for Datalogic Rhino.NET
      .- Implements ComKbd feature.

Version 3.1.5:     
      .- Split packages VT & 5250

Version 3.1.4: WireLess TelNet for Windows CE
      .- Serial and WiFi printing on QL320 Zebra Printer (VT & 5250).
      .- Fixing 5250 bugs.

Version 3.1.2: WireLess TelNet for Windows CE
      .- IBM 5250 Emulation (Beta test version).