WTnVT Versions READ ME

WireLess TelNet (c) WTnCEVt with SSH by SofToGo / HubOne

Version 4.6.2
      .- Delete all 'update' files in the root directory when selecting a profile.
      .- Do not show anymore the read config dialog, only show the splash screen.

Version 4.6.1
      .- Wired PTL management through RS485 serial port.
      .- Fix delay in BT printing by GoBasic
      .- Fix Push button responses by IR
      .- Improve RTV control by scancodes
      .- ConnectBTEFav utility added
      .- New TrgCheckOnIdle GoBasic Function
      .- Improvements in OnErrorScript function
      .- MK3100 platform added
      .- Line delay option added for printing      
      .- New Idle timeout option when connected to manage auto power off

Version 4.6.0
      .- PTL Push Button action handled
      .- Calculator function to delete last input
      .- Scripts reload key
      .- Capture mode key
      .- Capturing Click event by scripting
      .- TouchKbd management by scripting
      .- AnsiDelay to handle special display changes in voice mode

Version 4.5.9
      .- GoBasic functions to manage WOD (Weight On Demand) through BT connection
      .- Chinese (SimSung) and Japanese (MSMIncho) VoiXtreme support (V263, V264).
      .- Beeper volume management for Zebra-Motorola platforms through scenner configuration section (BeepVolume option).
      .- RunBtAddr support on Honeywell D70E
      .- Fix conditional confirmation with voice.

Version 4.5.8
      .- GoBasic functions to manage new CheapToLight
      .- New grammar "P" for floating point voice inputs.
      .- New RTV function to get screen images for ScreenTracker

Version 4.5.7
      .- New VxSetPostActionMsg function to allow TTS messages after recognition.
      .- PTL management by 'slots' allowing to group displayers.
      .- New string manipulation GoBasic functions.
      .- New generic "wide" 800x480 platforms supported.
      .- Generic WM installs on 'Program Files' directory
      .- ScanSerial management on swap to other applications
      .- Fix Proxy Server minor bug

Version 4.5.6
      .- New 'Screen Composer' features to allow drawing alternative screen display 
         through GoBasic scripting.
      .- New features PrnScrprefix and PrnScrSuffix on telnet print screen 
      .- Added Honeywell 70E wearable build.

Version 4.5.5
      .- Allow to disable Adaptative Scan on ExtraOptions (MC32N0)
      .- New global scripts ScriptOnConnect, ScriptOnScan, ScriptOnKeyboard
      .- New integrated BT address procedure for RS507
      .- New platforms MC32N0, Dolphin 70E

Version 4.5.4
      .- Option RemoveCtrlChars on scanner section for barcode processing.
      .- New PutToLight protocol support, and consecutive displays functions.
      .- copy *.reg files from profile
      .- new _AutoRunProfile.txt command file executed when profile is selected
      .- Fix Hundreds grammar on calculator

Version 4.5.3
      .- Support of VoiXtreme V260
      .- Minor fixes on GO-BASIC
      .- consecutive timeout on scanserial
Version 4.5.2
      .- BlueTooth easy association utility for VXI-BlueParrot headset on WT41N0
      .- Minor fixes

Version 4.5.1
      .- ComSend, TnDisconnect, TnSendKbdScc, TnPrnScr added to GoBasic scripting
      .- Added PTL displays in dialog
      .- Improve scripting on LocalEcho mode
      .- Add power up, keys and scans events on voice log
      .- CalculatorInfo for context information on calculator mode
      .- ExcludedKw on ASR section
      .- New printer options
      .- BtScannerSSI for RS507 as Bluetooth scanner
Version 4.5.0
      .- Allow triggers and GoBasic scripting on no-voice applications
      .- scripting configuration centralized on [SCRIPTING] section
      .- New scripting functions for scanner input management and comm port

Version 4.4.5
      .- DoIf key in trigger match
      .- Next and last trigger functions in scripting
      .- Added German voice support (GE)
      .- voiXtreme V255 library
      .- Datalogic FALCON X3 added

Version 4.4.4
      .- New GO BASIC scripting version with log
      .- Added M3T terminal
      .- Added MC2180 terminal
      .- Added LXE Thor terminal      
      .- Added Center option on Honeywell imagers
      .- Added Dutch voice support (FL)
      .- PrnScr / PrintKey on printer section to print screen content
      .- voiXtreme V254 library

Version 4.4.3
      .- Manage TouchKbd show / hide by emulator
      .- Sort profiles at startup
      .- New GO BASIC scripting on voice triggers
      .- Put-To-Light management routines by scripting
      .- Voice state icon (ASR) on command bar
      .- store current program version in registry
      .- keyboard Lock / unlock keystroke, and auto lock on session
      .- keyboard Lock / unlock keystroke on triggers      
      .- voiXtreme V253 library
      .- Voice triggers with calculator options      

Version 4.4.2
      .- New bluetooth configuration options
      .- voiXtreme V252 library

Version 4.4.1
      .- HideSshMsg to not show connecting messages.
      .- voiXtreme V250 library

Version 4.4.0
      .- Fix autolog feature
      .- voiXtreme V224 library
      .- voice triggers with expressions
      . -Fix UCC128 on Honeywell 99EX

Version 4.3.9
      .- WriteToRegKey to record on registry the last barcode

Version 4.3.8
      .- UCC-EAN (GS1) parser by application ID fields
      .- CopyPaste on screen (instead drag display)
      .- SendHostBel to forward to serial scanner the BEL received from host
      .- Fix barcode LocalEcho
      .- DefFrgColor and DefBkgColor allowed from 0 to 15
      .- DSIC terminal support added
      .- Built-in ideographic translator font 936 available (chinese).
      .- voiXtreme V222 library

Version 4.3.7
      .- voiXtreme V220 library
      .- ListenOnTts feature

Version 4.3.6
      .- UserWord connected to Symphony VoiceConsole
      .- voiXtreme V212 library

Version 4.3.5
      .- UserWord access for voice applications
      .- Increase SSH I/O buffer size
Version 4.3.4
      .- Voice Calibrate + ASR test with volume indicator (green, blue, red)
      .- ProxyServer indicator on CommandBar
      .- Fix HitAnyKey + direct fallback
      .- New Voice triggers functions
      .- Teklogix 8515 platform

Version 4.3.3
      .- Voice ASR Calibrate module (AsrCalibrate.txt)
      .- TTS substitution rules (voixtreme.rul)

Version 4.3.2
      .- New voice keywords to generate keyboard keys
      .- New CLIPBOARD section allowing to input and paste data in telnet session.
      .- New Intermec Extended commands parsing (Beeps) see IntermecExCmd option
Version 4.3.1
      .- New voice features 
      .- AsrThreshold to control voice sensitivity
      .- Up to 5 match items. Match type equal, not equal, greater, lesser
      .- Compare two screen areas in Match
      .- Start beep in pause mode
      .- copy grammars (lcf) with profile
      .- Multiple keyword definition i/e KeywordFn01=January|first|end-of-pallet
      .- Up to 10 custom grammars i/e Grammars=DCF013
      .- Conditional say on previous trigger i/e <=> <!>
      .- Asr recognition log

Version 4.3.0
      .- New default installation path X:\SofToGo\WireLessTelNet
      .- Allow MUID on SD-Card
      .- Internal connection Password on session available (32 chars)
      .- New KEYBLOCKING section.
Version 4.2.7
      .- New ASR libraries support (voiXtreme V150)
      .- Voice Trigger configuration with context help information
      .- New option 'Relocate' on BC_EDIT section, and clipboard management (ctrl-v)
      .- Multiple configuration files using \WTnVT\Profiles folder

Version 4.2.6
      .- New ASR functions with '$' autosend option
      .- Implement BcFormat allowing to process barcode reads on Voice triggers
      .- Adding keyboard state on M3Sky WM
      .- Adding color support by ANSI-SCO emulation escape sequences
Version 4.2.5
      .- New option to relocate the emulator window in no fullscreen mode (WinPosX and WinPosY).
      .- New option for Motorola devices Reader=X to select internal or RS509 BT-ring scanner (or both!).
      .- Support of WM6.5.3 (TaskBar and MenuBar resized)
      .- New ExtraOptions for specific parameters of scanner engines
Version 4.2.4
      .- New section TOUCH_KBD to show a full customized touch-screen keyboard on emulator.
      .- Relicense by [Internet Activation] only.
      .- Implement Graphics Georgia SoftWorks MS DOS client type.

Version 4.2.3
      .- New options on launchexe to activate scanner if  conditions not present.
      .- Command line to look for configuration files (CONFIG=) in specific folder.
      .- Ctrl-n processed as Fn-n keys can be on/off by new ControlIsFn parameter.
      .- Allowing to map ALT-x keys.
      .- New MC3190-WM 240x240 platform.
      .- CnxGprs on each SESSION_X allowing to mix WiFi & GPRS sessions.

Version 4.2.2
      .- New CBShowTime option allows to show the current time in the Command Bar.
Version 4.2.1
      .- New BlockMode input type available.
      .- AML restore scanner state fix. Default language EN.
      .- Show control chars in hex on Barcode Test.
      .- M3Sky process CODE39 options (FULLASCII).
      .- fix ProxyMode beep
Version 4.2.0
      .- New WTn ProxyServer Protocol V2, allowing PlainText/Secure (SSH2) options
      .- ProxyServer authentication by certificate-fingerprint
      .- ProxyServer user access by user/password
      .- Clipboard paste by Ctrl-V implemented
      .- New voice configuration file and grammar (checksum, trim)
      .- Hardware buttons option to allow system buttons.
      .- Fix user authentication with GeorgiaSoftworks SSH
      .- New voice options TtsOnAction and VoiceVolume
      .- New relative row and column in voice triggers

Version 4.1.7
      .- New options in [SCANNER] TurnOffScan to activate / deactivate the scanner.
      .- New option to ask a password at connection time [SESSION_XX] CnxPwd. (with scanner).
      .- In 'Rf State' Dialog, show MAC address and RF quality (if available).
      .- New devices Honeywell 6100, Opticon H16/H19, Motorola MT2090, RM50

Version 4.1.6
      .- New section [VT_FIELDS] to detect input fields on screen, allowing to send different terminators.
      .- New BlockMode allowing to bufferize data locally and send to host with ENTER key.
      .- New Asr Format option to format voice output following constants or screen contents.

Version 4.1.5
      .- New option to automatically fallback from Proxy to direct connection if no server present,
         by adding '+' sufix to Proxy URL or IP address.
      .- Allow Autolog (user / password) on SSH sessions
Version 4.1.4
      .- Autolog timeout expiration message
      .- Mobile Compia 2D scanner
Version 4.1.3
      .- New AutoKey option in [SCANNER] section allowing to switch from trigger scanner / Auto scanner.
Version 4.1.2
      .- New CommandBar menu option to reduce / enlarge the text size: (Tools / Text Size +).
      .- Configuration option to disable this menu by CBMenuTextSize=0.
      .- In [Display Configuration] menu, shows the displayed number of lines/columns using
         the current font and size.
Version 4.1.1
      .- UTF-8 Translator in [VT_EMULATION] by TranslatorType=4.
      .- New Voice configuration file for FnKeywords (F1-F12), Pause, Resume, SayOneTime.
      .- PrnScr. 'Print Screen' to text file menu option
      .- Function keys by click on [Fx] displayed text (FunctionByTap)      
      .- BeepVolume on Intermec platforms.

Version 4.1.0
      .- New MONITORING configuration section.
         Allows to log emulator events in WDp (WireLess Deployer) statistics module.

Version 4.0.9
      .- New "ControlState" option to configure special key to produce "CONTROL" one finger combination keys.
         [CTRL]-[1] - [CTRL]-[9] generates [F1] - [F9] keystrokes.
      .- New devices Honeywell HHP9900 WM6 & HHP7600 WM6
      .- New devices Intermec CK3 WM6
Version 4.0.8
      .- Change SSH encryption algorithm list order (3des-cbc).
      .- Allow SSH "ssh-dss" authentication certificates
      .- Fix double height / double width lines (SizeDHDW)      
      .- Add VT_EDITKEYS section for PgUp, PgDn, Ins, Del, End and Home keys.
      .- Fix WiFi printers configuration options
Version 4.0.7
      .- For Motorola/Fusion terminals, shows the RF Quality as icon.
      .- Allow double height / double width in TelNet VT (SizeDHDW)
      .- Add VT-Mode / PC-Mode guesser to allow PC852 PC-Like & VT graphics
      .- Proxy Server by Wizard
      .- Added LXE_MX8, HHP_7600 and CV30_CE5 devices
      .- Fix SSH keyboard-interactive login

Version 4.0.6
      .- Splash screen when loading and initializing program.
      .- Swap WTnVT / WTn52 application activating scanner.
      .- Disable printing by COM: port 0.
Version 4.0.5
      .- PDF_417 section becomes CODES_2D section. Allows to configure / validate all
         2 dimension barcodes as : DATAMATRIX, MAXICODE, PDF-417 and AZTEC.
Version 4.0.4
      .- Added RFQuality check working with Symbol / Fusion drivers.
      .- Added GPRS connection (Dialing & hangup).
      .- GENERIC PDA WM5 (including MC35) devices.

Version 4.0.3
      .- Symbol MK1250 Micro Kiosk devices.
      .- ATC5000 CE5 Devices (Beta Test).
      .- JANAM CE5 Devices (Beta Test).
      .- Fix TAB settings bug.
      .- Autoscan feature
      .- WT4090 TTS (Nuance powered) Voice Edition.

Version 4.0.2
      .- Added GoToKey & GoToApp options to switch to another application (w/o closing current connection).
      .- Enhanced TaskBar locking options.
      .- New KbdHook locking keys.
      .- Fix scrolling for PPT8800.
      .- Fix CK31 Intermec Beep generation.

Version 4.0.0:
      .- Telnet, SSH1.5 and SSH2 initial version.
      .- ProxiServer For WireLess TelNet" connections available.
      .- Platform Datalogic PSC-Falcon 4400 CE4/CE5 and WM5.
      .- Uses "SmartSystem" API calls for Intermec devices.