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WTn52 emulation colors

The WTn52 emulation has the following color codes   Color Code R G B Name 0 0 0 0 Black 1 255 0 0 red 2 0 255 0 Green 3 255 255 0 Yellow 4 0 0 255 Blue 5 255 0 255 Magenta 6 0 255 255 Cyan 7 255 255 255 White… read more »

RS507 2D barcodes in SSI mode

When using a Ring Scanner Motorola-Zebra RS507 (Bluetooth) in SSI mode with WireLess TelNet to read 2D barcodes, it is needed to activate the 2D barcode options AND activate de AZTEC and QRCODE option (Opt=1) [SCANNER] Enable=Yes Reader=2 and [CODES_2D] On=Yes Min=2 Max=100 Prefix= Suffix= Opt=1

RS507 UCC-EAN Barcodes SPP

When using an RS507 Bluetooth Ring Scanner with in SPP mode (Scan Serial) WireLess TelNet VT or 5250 the default configuration file uses any control character as barcode terminator. Some UCC-EAN barcodes may contain control characters inside as variable field separator (Like 0X1A, 0X1B, 0X1C, 0X1D). These control characters will act as terminator, so the barcode is… read more »

Run specific configuration

WireLess TelNet can be run with a command line containing arguments to run a specific configuration file folder (profile). WTn.exe CONFIG=Application\MyProfile Will run WireLess TelNet VT and load the configuration files from the specified location.

WTn52 Single barcode for login and password

In the 5250 emulator there is a barcode processing parameter that allows to dispatch parts of a barcode in several input fields. This feature allows to create a single barcode containing un to 9 parts to be dispatched in the input fields. The fields are accessed as 1 to 9 from top left to bottom… read more »

Create a Telnet capture

If you need to send a file integrating TelNet Frame you can create a TelNet capure with WireLess TelNet VT and 5250. Active the “capture mode” here : After this , all of your frame are captured and stocked in a WTnXX.tnst file created in ROOT directory on your terminal. .TNST file can be read with ScreenTracker… read more »

Different Cursor states

Below you will find the different cursor states in a Wireless TelNet session. A key combination is the cause of this change of state:   Normal State :   Alpha State :   Function State :   Control State  :     Control + ALT State :

Motorola/Zebra Standard Operation Mode of the power button

In a Motorola/Zebra MC 32N0 terminal with WinCE 7.0. To reset the standard operation mode of the Power button (Suspend Wakeup and device), apply the following settings: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\Power\Settings] “DisablePwrSwitch”=dword:00000000  Active la touche Power “RunAppOnPwrKey”=dword:00000000  Ne pas lancer l’application ZEBRA BattSwap.exe