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It’s possible to automatically launch a program based on the selected profile in the telnet. To do this you must create a file named : AutoRunProfil.txt in that file choose the program run as follows exemple : \windows\regmerge.exe|/Q “\Application\WTnVT\Beep_Volume_Voice.reg” \windows\cmd.exe|/Q “\application\WTn52\exemple.bat” Copy and past the AutoRunProfil.txt file in the profil directory. The .reg files are… read more »

SendHostBel / RS507

There is an option in the Telnet configuration allowing the RS507 scanner to emit “beeps” like that : check out the following document : (FR/PDF) Faire “beeper” la RS507 dans une session TelNet

Sparus EveryWAN

You can download Sparus EveryWAN from these sites : https://developer.motorolasolutions.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/5649-5677/EveryWAN-Remote-Support-4-0-18543.exe.zip Or from this site https://www.freeware.de/download/everywan-remote-support-personal-edition/ Please ONLY install and run the file named “EveryWAN-Remote-Support-PE.exe”   …  

Patch ScanAssoc 1.1.3

Here you can find the last version of ScanAssoc (1.1.3) coming with Wireless TelNet VT and 5250 in version 4.5.9. If you have a older version of WirelessTelNet you can download it and replace the executable directly in your PDA LINK TO DOWNLOAD

Extra characters displayed at connection time with GEROGIA SOFTWORKS

The Telnet server GEORGIA SOFTWORKS may not send the right command “IAC SB TT SN IAC SE” for TREMINAL TYPE request (6 bytes). And sends “IAC SB TT SN” instead (4 bytes). That would generate extra unattended characters in display. A workaround is done in V459-2 WTnVT build.

WTn52 Change the AS400 timeout event for Symphony

The time to generates the stat event for Symphony is configured in the generic configuration file. “Generates an event when the host response time exceeds the configured threshold” _WTnCE.cfg [MONITORING] On=Yes ResponseTmout=16

Turn display for High Visibility

If the PDA is used in outdoor operation under sunlight the display will be not easy to read. It will be needed to change standard colors to increase text visibility. I/e white background with black text. DisplayMono forces the display color ignoring any host commands for text color. DefFrgColor and DefBkgColor defines the text and background… read more »

Send device name with WTn52 emulator

  It is possible to send to AS400 the “Device Name” of the terminal when connecting. _WTnCE.cfg [SESSION_3] SessName=… DevName=MYDEV[MAC]NAME Replacements: [IP] the last member of IP, not zero padded [0IP] the last member of IP, zero padded [00IP] for 6 positions aa.bb.cc.dd  ABC[00IP]= ABC0bb0cc [MAC] the 12 digits of the MAC ADDRESS The environment option… read more »

Slow scanner problem WT41N0

In a Zebra / Motorola WT41N0 terminal There are two procedures that generate delays: • The CB pairing RS507 • The connection to the ring RS419 if it is not connected At first verify that the code “<Data> <Suffix 1> is correctly configured …   Then : We suggest you use the functionality of “profiles”… read more »

Update/Merge a .cfg File

  You can update one or more sections of a cfg file. The “update” files contain at least one section and at least one key + value Note : <label> is mandatory, and can’t contain spaces. Note : WTnXX\ is WTnVT or WTn52   SYNTAXE : WTnXX\_WTnVoiCe.update.<label>.cfg WTnXX\_WTnCe.update.<label>.cfg WTnXX\_WTnCeVt.update.<label>.cfg   EXEMPLE : WTnXX\_WTnVoiCe.update.reliability.cfg WTnXX\_WTnCe.update.hostip.cfg WTnXX\_WTnCeVt.update.fn.cfg   Copy and paste… read more »